Why Play at DraftKings

DraftKings is focused on fantasy players who want to enjoy competitive fantasy play in just about any popular sport and who would love to play at just about any time. They have paid out over $20 million in winnings and the site is totally legal for US players. Along with the 11 different types of sports offered, the fantasy sports site provides 10 different kinds of competitions.

Included are guaranteed prize pool contests (GPP), which payout all prizes listed whether or not the competition gets enough players to cover the amount promised. Also, you can play Head-to-Head where the winner takes all, or compete in a 50/50, where those who finish in the top half of those entered divide the winnings evenly with the other players. If you like league play, DraftKings also offers plenty of opportunities for you to compete.

In addition, there are Multipliers, which play out like parlays, where you can increase your winnings from three to ten times the normal amount. You can compete in Steps play, where a win allows you to advance to a new level of competition; engage in Qualifiers, which will give winners the opportunity to enter a high stakes competition for free; and play in Multi-Match Head-to-Head competitions, where 20 of 21 players can win cash as they compete in 20 head-to-head matchups at once.

Finally, there’s good news for those who have never played before, because DraftKings provides special competitions just for beginners, and they feature numerous Free Rolls. In terms of fantasy players selecting talent, every one of their contests has a salary cap, which means no one can hoard all of the premium players in any sport.

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DraftKings Fantasy Sports

It's almost that time of year, one of the most anticipated occasions for fantasy players, as the NFL season is about to begin. Unlike many other fantasy sites, in addition to the NFL, DraftKings also offers fantasy college football. That means whether you are a professional football fan, NCAA football devotee, or you follow both DraftKings can accommodate you.

The only competitions that run on a weekly basis at DraftKings are those focusing on the NFL. Each team must conform to a $50,000 salary cap, which means you’ll need all the football smarts that you can muster to dominate the competition. But the great news is that each and every week you can enter new NFL contests, draft new teams, and use your current knowledge of the sport and the most up-to-date information on players and teams to give yourself the best chance of winning.

There's no waiting all season for payouts, no getting stuck with a team rifled by injuries and suspensions, and no constantly being at the bottom of the league. Every week is a new NFL season at DraftKings. That really is great news for fantasy players who want a lot of action, more opportunities to win, and who follow the NFL closely.